Woke Up

Woke up to the start of a new life. We moved from our beautiful farm into our little trailer for now.   

Woke up praying we were doing the right thing asking the Lord to help me and I open my eyes and a huge cross covers the window right in front of my eyes. So beautiful are His reminders that He is with us.    

Still resting here as I ponder yesterday the many yesterdays that make today’s.

I was the lone women yesterday so after meals, cleaning, vacuuming,  and mopping, I had leg cramps most of the night glad that’s over lol. we are planting 15 fruit trees today and hauling manure. Excited! I told David we have all these girls and only two boys (our grandsons helped too) yet he always manages to get all the help while I get text messages from my girls at work wishing they were here to help. Telling me it won’t be long until cruise time “What’s with that” ? Lol Love my life really I do. Yesterday I was excited to see that with His help I can still work hard. Makes me feel even more satisfied with just being me and being right where I am.    

Full of Him – Full of Me!


Lent (Yes to Lent)

No matter what religion you might be Lent is part of our Christian heritage.  You might feel that there are no traditions of the early church that the Lord wants us to hold dear,  however I feel strongly that if it draws you closer to the center of Christ our Immanuel grab hold and grow.   

The apostles creed is just that, the Apostles Creed.  They used it less then 50 years after His Glory from the grave,  it was there way of spreading the gospel.  Yes, you heard me right.  They could teach the gospel and it could be memorized easily.   If you look at our christian history you might be further amazed at our Christian church Year.    I totally enjoy Mesianic Jews for this very reason they love the past and plunge into the future with a gusto that transforms my shallow false ideas into light transforming Grace absorbing challenges of All that He is,  in us and for us. 

Father, remind me that because Jesus experienced the darkness, you have shown me your light; because he experienced alienation, you have promised me a home; because he experienced the grave, you have given me the skies. And help me not to be afraid, because you are my shield and very great reward. In Christ’s Name, Amen. 


No More, No Less

Jesus Style by Gayle D. Erwin


It is hard for me to write on my phone or new Book from dear daughter number 6. I find pen in hand a comforting place.  I want to grow in this area.  But, it is hard the pen is like connected to my very heart.  Ten fingers versus five the war over my hearts thoughts and desires.

This week I have been struggling with Jesus with me,   in me,  very breath I take, out of my control and totally surrendered to His.  I want to grow Co[. 1:10.

Debbie Croft and others here have been writing about this very thing.  Humble, what it is, to the one who was and is Humble.  The I Am we see front and center, face to face with Moses.  A true burning sensation for Him as He has for me.


Everything is pointing to what was original,  the beginning of all things and the ending of all things, wrapped up in a 4 letter word which is before, and after, and will be.   The Word became flesh and lived among us,  this Word was lived for us dripped down red for us, this Word has its very roots and was breathed into each of us.   This Word is alive and gives constantly to our well-being. This Word sings over us and brings Joy in the midst of all things.  This Word leaves no room for  doubt its very core is certain and sure.    This Word is immeasurably contagious and can be sewn into the very fabric of my life and yours.  The Word is LOVE.