Toot Toot Totes

Starting a class on the 10th of September teaching some special young girls how to sew. SO Excited!

I am making up a few Totes for display.

The first one I made was my Lg, Lunchable TOTE. Made of oil cloth outside, lining is vinyl fabric. It has a thermal bottom. With an elastic band for a water bottle. Extra long strap that can be adjusted.

The second is a computer Tote. It has 6 pockets inside and out. A zipper closer and side strap.

Third is a Pool Tote- water proof with long adjustable straps and 2 snap closer. It has 6 pockets inside. What I really like about this bag is SO versatile. Pool, grocery, library, and look how small as a stuff away in the glove box or slide it into your everyday Tote. It lays very flat around the curve of your body so that it’s not n the way. Perfect size too 16″by 24″.

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Let the SunShine (visor)

Can’t seem to make enough of these. Garden, Biking, Walking, and extra protection on brighter days driving. My favorite is the linen. I made one to match a linen dress I made recently. I will post a picture need to get my main man to take a picture of it on me.

Great gifts too!

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Linen Love ūüíē

This was fun!  I totally enjoyed the embroidery on the front of this linen dress.  The patterns are free, there are 25 of them.  Here is the link  

The dress is for me. Our 20th Anniversary is just ahead and we have planned a trip to Colorado.  We will meet up with several of our family there.  But, will share one week alone moving along slowly to our meeting destination of  Valiceto Lake,  Colorado. 9B729596-986A-4638-B9F6-0DDC2E5C5314.jpeg


Started Sewing

SewHappybyChristie Etsy store is now open.   I am pretty excited about the changes here.  As now that I only work 2 days a week outside of our home here, I have more time to do one of the things I like best.  You can visit my shop or write to me here if you are interested in any of my sewing projects.  I can make the memory bears to order.  You would need to send me your precious saved clothing or quilt and I will be sewing for you a medium-sized bear app 20 inches. (Picture below) It will take me app. 2 weeks from receiving your fabric to your home.   The cost is 40.00 including shipping anywhere in the United States.

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