All day it was pray and write.  We looked at many things in our lives as two old lovers on a journey to down size the work load do.

Diffinitly selling the farm now to dear daughter number 5 and her husband with their 4 children.  Actually swapping houses.  Leaving the farm and moving to town.  Their home is on 4 lots which is very pleasing to me as the chickens can still crow and the gardens can still produce their bounty.   Their home is actually bigger then the farm house here.  So we can still have the big family up/roars around the farm house table.

Thank you Father for giving us each other nothing seems to difficult knowing You are with us.



Day of pray planning,  measure, draw,  make notes.  Under the house, over the house.  In the yard;  Garden here, berries here, chickens there, wood shed over there.  Move this wall take out that one.   Lord work on me like we plan on working on our new house in town.  Help us to wait on You! Knowing Your plans are always perfect!  

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Life is Full

Today was like many days in my life full,

Full of chores,

from laundry, vacuuming,  cooking, and some sewing,

Full of family,

Leah, with her Branson wanna move home today.   Jonna wanna move away in March to Indiana,  Sarah wanna move to our farm here,  to me wanna move to Sheridan and live in Sarah’s house.  We got the wanna move in the groove here for sure.

Full of Plans,

Check out leveling our new home,  reservations for a play “The Sound of Music”in Omaha with an over night Motel,  Happy Birthday to me (early) .   Also,  Tea Party on Feb 4 for Isabella,  dear grand daughters birthday.

Full of Love,

Lots of eye contact with plenty of Words mingled with the soft touches that woven together make for all the Full this glorious Life here in the Lord has to offer.  Thank you Jesus for Full! FULL OF LOVE!