1st Day of May

Me made day 1 was successful wore my linen jumper and matching visor. It’s in the washer already so no picture today sorry. Worked on surrounding a section of trees with bark today and got it muddy.

My grandsons graduation party is Sunday so my daughter and I worked on the menu planning and got the table decorations done.

I did finish my grandsons graduation quilt.

I also made 4 new visors all linen.



I am in my pledge completed. This will be a first anything on line challenge for me.

I have pledged to wear only those garments which I have seen myself except a few tee shirts and under clothes for the entire month of May. I also pledged to take at least 15 pictures that I will post here during the month. The picture posting will be the hard part as i am not the slim trim GRANDMA i wish i was as a young mother.

hashtag #memademay2019

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Zipper Pouch Crazy

Well I went from one video on you tube to another. Some of them were pretty amazing and I felt like I was robbing a bank . I learned so much in a short time watching them and it was free. So far I have made 12. One with straps and pockets. Now for the double zipper!


Home in Hornitos

Before moving to Missouri 20 years ago:

In the years 2001-2005

They did not move cattle the way we do here. They move them by horses along roads sometimes stopping to camp over night. You were not allowed to go around the cattle until they were all off to one side of the road. During the months they were doing this you had to be prepared especially with little ones in the car. Check list always included a potty chair, water, and snacks. You could be following behind literally for hours at times. No body got upset as I remember it was just the way it was. Often you would offer your snacks to the old men who were working the cattle. They new my girls and would offer them rides for a while. Many think California is just big cities and Yuppies but where we lived it was not so.

Once we had a home on 2 acres just before moving to Mo that had a portion of the rock wall the Chinese made during the gold rush. The ruins of a Wells Fargo bank and stage stop are there,

as there were No laws there it was well protected. The first giradelli chocolate factory ruins were there also, it had its own Rock jail made by yep the Chinese who were literally outcasts starving and cold. Hornitos was 45 minutes from the Yosemite floor. Still has the fandangos and underground walk ways that the bandits used. Walking Marietta had his hide out behind our home in a cave.

Wells Fargo’s stage stop and bank.

Our church building was originally a Fandango and under it were the opium dens dug out of the earth which had escape routes that lead underground to other buildings or roads.

My David was the pastor.


My new dress!

I made this yesterday from a pattern

It was a perfectly fitted pattern the size a Large was a true 18 women’s. I went together very quickly. I need to make some leggings for under my dresses. Does anyone have any ideas about that?

Happy Sunday everyone, on our way to church! Yippy


Sewing for my Grands

Beautiful Grand Daughter Klaire turned 16! She lives in Texas, I live in Northwest Missouri. So was unable to attend her pool party celebration. Her favorite color is Periwinkle blue. She does not like fuzzy soft lounge pants. So I made her a pair of large pocketed, lounge pants. They are in the new style high waist, slim legged, and of course they are as close to her favorite color as I could get. I picked out a medium weight linen from

I want to especially thank, Stitching Grandma at WordPress. Com

She was the encouragement I needed to start sewing for my grand children again. I am super excited about this simple gift, and I am praying she is too.

Thank you Grand Daughter Navada, you are an awesome model. Both Grand Daughters are the same size, it was a blessing to have her live close to me for hemming.

Happy Sunday!


Linen Dress #2

Here is my favorite dress of all time. I just came in from feeding our neighbors dog and it’s chilly here so after removing my coat it was all wrinkled up. Nothing could change how I feel about this dress though, it is the best dress I have ever made.

I would wear it everyday anywhere if I could. The buttons are from Germany a gift from my Momma a few years back. This is the same pattern I used for this dress.

Notice how I modified the bodice and no buttons.

The pattern was free on line from

Fabric is