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Valuing the Love of Birthdays

My Butcher and I started working a few weeks ago on a special birthday party for our daughter and son (inlaw).  The main dish was rolled tacos via request.  We also served Mexican by order of my Mothers recipe lots of oil for frying up that rice and of course the favorite frioles.  A large heart chocolate and white cake with extra rich chocolate frosting.

We started a week ago collecting fat from two large hogs the butcher and family processed.  Rendered it produced about 3 gallons of lard.  With the large deep fryer gift from family it was more than enough to fill it three times probably.  We cooked a whole large chicken in taco spices and put a beef roast from Hosanna in the slow cooker.  The butcher painstakingly fried each corn tortilla before adding the meat to be rolled up in them.  Frying them, all 80, in the deep fryer.  Jonna’s favorite guacamole that she uses with her Shodachongas was a big hit along with the MO. extension recipe for salsa that was given to us by Sandy Espey.  
It was amazing as I finished the last touches of their birthday gift of a monogrammed table set,  that I experienced another Selah moment.  It is a beautiful thing to think about how our lives orchestrate in such away that things happen and we really don’t know how precisely that it all came together.  Like when was it that Hosanna became full of a calf that we would eat in rolled tacos.  Or what was the reason for that yardage with hearts the precise color of the dishes bought for darling daughter two years ago purchased with no thought given at the time. Or better yet who would have guessed the love moving around the table as the Happy Birthday song was song for the umpteenth time would once again bring tears to my eyes as I think back at all the Selah moments of time in my life.  Thank you Lord for Life!