Meeting Me

My name is Christie

My maiden name was White

I was born in Abington PA on February 18th, 1954

My birth records however say my name was Christy and that I was Born on February 20th.  Who are you going to believe?  I choose my mother.

I am married to my third husband and I am going to say right now that he is the best one.  Not because he is still alive but because he is amazing and his love for me is just that amazing.  He helped me raise 6 children of my own,  2 of his, and 3 of ours.  That makes 11 children and now 22 grand children.

We are getting ready to leave our beloved farm and meat processing business.  One of daughters and her family is buying it.  They will move in here and we will move into their house in town.

I am not really happy about this yet.  Our home here is so beautiful.  Eye candy wherever you look.  cropped-9f38a-2013-10-2113-41-40cropped-013-copy2.jpg

Our Farm name is Shepherdsfold our farm verse is Hebrews 11:13

Our new home will only be 2 miles away.  There is work being done on it right now.  Leveling floors moving back door and adding windows.  I am blessed to be able to have these things done before we move in.  The house is in need of many repairs.  But, the very sweet thing about it, is there are 4 large lots that it sits on and I will have a big garden and chickens.  We have ordered 22 fruit trees and lots of berries.  The garden has already been tilled and is ready for planting.

I hope to start up a sewing business again.  David is going to drive a school bus and substitute teach at our local school here.

We live in the smallest county in the US.  Worth County Mo.

There are only 140 people who live in the town we are moving too.   Which is large compared to our first home in Ca before moving to Mo.  It was only 40 people, Hornitos Ca.

It would be so fun to get to know you, if you are reading this please feel free to introduce yourself.  I love the Word of the LORD, my Family, Gardening, Sewing, and Cooking. Learning knew things is very exciting to me.  I do not write very well so please forgive all my Grammar faults and love me anyway.   Hope to to meet you soon.

Blessings,  Christie

2 thoughts on “Meeting Me

  1. That is in my heart too! Being grateful is always the best plan because in the Spirit I know it’s always the truth that sets me free. Thank you

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