Sowing not Sewing

Well I will have to make this short and sweet because that is what my Summer here looks like.

Family reunions, house reconstruction from flooding waters, garden to big for my busy life, and lots of Prayers.

Family Reunion Texas โค

GARDEN TIME~ Lots of berries, cantaloupe, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, brussels, corn, onions, and so many good things in the herb gardens, not to mention what seemed to be endless strawberries at the beginning of the wet cooler days of early summer. Started dehydrating and I really enjoy it.

Sewing is a closed subject literally shut it down for the summer. I am so happy with that decision that I plan on doing it every summer. Mending and repair work only.

Stated a Bibke Study prayer board.

Well. I said short and sweet and it has been thus far for us here in northwest Missouri. Thank you for reading. Shalom