My Momma’s Jacket

Well I loved my Momma’s light weight linen jacket.   I loved it so much I wore it out.  I wore it with stains, holes, and ripped seams that I would repair until it was not possible to wear any more.  

She told me she had purchased it from an Amish catalog store.

So I decided to take it apart and make a pattern.  

This was so easily done. I was very pleased with how well every peace fit perfectly together. The fabric I choice was heavy weight linen from I also made a dress to match my jacket but, I will wear it with every thing. Now, that I have the pattern and it fits me wonderfully I think I will make myself a bathrobe too. That is for another post. Here are pictures of the replacement. So happy, Love you so much Mom, thank you for everything. I loved wrapping myself up in your little jacket since you have been gone.
Love this, will be wearing it often.

Thank you for stopping by, Christie