FEBRUARY Denim Theme

Hello Everyone,

Denim is a favorite of ours. Living on our farm and even now on our one acre homesite in town. I can’t begin to tell you how many denim jumpers, overalls, and bags I have enjoyed making. Writing about this new project is very exciting to me as I made both of my items from some green chambray yardage I picked up at my very favorite small town, Mission Possible Thrift Store. They are so good to me always practically giving me the fabric and this time was no different . Two 3 yard pieces, I was beyond excited at my find. I had my heart set on a big pocketed jumper.

Here She is the new project.

This was the only money I spent on top of the 2.00 fabric purchase which included the pattern I used for the toddler romper.

These are the people that make Mission Possible so fun to visit. Right now they are working on a much needed new building.
This would become the second project out of the Green Chambray.

I was reminded of the importance of proper needles very soon into the large pocketed jumper as the many layers were demanding.

My Bernadette 38 was a gift from my Mother. Her name is Bunny and we get along swell. She did a great job with all the thicknesses but again I feel its always wise to use proper needles when using denim.


Now for the sweet little jumpsuit for my grand daughter Iyanah. I happened upon this pattern and remembered using it with my 9 girls and was thrilled to see it again. We have 11 children only 2 are boys. Working on 26 grandchildren and recently 2 great grand boys. Maybe things are changing.

Her are a few pictures of the toddler jumpsuit.

Thank you all at Sewcialists for the opportunity to share in this months February theme Denim.


One thought on “FEBRUARY Denim Theme

  1. Thank you, it has been a while since I did garment sewing for myself. I make all my cloths except underclothes and they never seem to wear out. It was fun. Thank you for stopping by.


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