FEBRUARY Denim Theme

Hello Everyone,

Denim is a favorite of ours. Living on our farm and even now on our one acre homesite in town. I can’t begin to tell you how many denim jumpers, overalls, and bags I have enjoyed making. Writing about this new project is very exciting to me as I made both of my items from some green chambray yardage I picked up at my very favorite small town, Mission Possible Thrift Store. They are so good to me always practically giving me the fabric and this time was no different . Two 3 yard pieces, I was beyond excited at my find. I had my heart set on a big pocketed jumper.

Here She is the new project.

This was the only money I spent on top of the 2.00 fabric purchase which included the pattern I used for the toddler romper.

These are the people that make Mission Possible so fun to visit. Right now they are working on a much needed new building.
This would become the second project out of the Green Chambray.

I was reminded of the importance of proper needles very soon into the large pocketed jumper as the many layers were demanding.

My Bernadette 38 was a gift from my Mother. Her name is Bunny and we get along swell. She did a great job with all the thicknesses but again I feel its always wise to use proper needles when using denim.


Now for the sweet little jumpsuit for my grand daughter Iyanah. I happened upon this pattern and remembered using it with my 9 girls and was thrilled to see it again. We have 11 children only 2 are boys. Working on 26 grandchildren and recently 2 great grand boys. Maybe things are changing.

Her are a few pictures of the toddler jumpsuit.

Thank you all at Sewcialists for the opportunity to share in this months February theme Denim.