Sewing for my Grands

Beautiful Grand Daughter Klaire turned 16! She lives in Texas, I live in Northwest Missouri. So was unable to attend her pool party celebration. Her favorite color is Periwinkle blue. She does not like fuzzy soft lounge pants. So I made her a pair of large pocketed, lounge pants. They are in the new style high waist, slim legged, and of course they are as close to her favorite color as I could get. I picked out a medium weight linen from

I want to especially thank, Stitching Grandma at WordPress. Com

She was the encouragement I needed to start sewing for my grand children again.ย I am super excited about this simple gift, and I am praying she is too.

Thank you Grand Daughter Navada, you are an awesome model. Both Grand Daughters are the same size, it was a blessing to have her live close to me for hemming.

Happy Sunday!


Linen Dress #2

Here is my favorite dress of all time. I just came in from feeding our neighbors dog and it’s chilly here so after removing my coat it was all wrinkled up. Nothing could change how I feel about this dress though, it is the best dress I have ever made.

I would wear it everyday anywhere if I could. The buttons are from Germany a gift from my Momma a few years back. This is the same pattern I used for this dress.

Notice how I modified the bodice and no buttons.

The pattern was free on line from

Fabric is


Toot Toot Totes

Starting a class on the 10th of September teaching some special young girls how to sew. SO Excited!

I am making up a few Totes for display.

The first one I made was my Lg, Lunchable TOTE. Made of oil cloth outside, lining is vinyl fabric. It has a thermal bottom. With an elastic band for a water bottle. Extra long strap that can be adjusted.

The second is a computer Tote. It has 6 pockets inside and out. A zipper closer and side strap.

Third is a Pool Tote- water proof with long adjustable straps and 2 snap closer. It has 6 pockets inside. What I really like about this bag is SO versatile. Pool, grocery, library, and look how small as a stuff away in the glove box or slide it into your everyday Tote. It lays very flat around the curve of your body so that it’s not n the way. Perfect size too 16″by 24″.

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Let the SunShine (visor)

Can’t seem to make enough of these. Garden, Biking, Walking, and extra protection on brighter days driving. My favorite is the linen. I made one to match a linen dress I made recently. I will post a picture need to get my main man to take a picture of it on me.

Great gifts too!

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