Woke Up

Woke up to the start of a new life. We moved from our beautiful farm into our little trailer for now.   

Woke up praying we were doing the right thing asking the Lord to help me and I open my eyes and a huge cross covers the window right in front of my eyes. So beautiful are His reminders that He is with us.    

Still resting here as I ponder yesterday the many yesterdays that make today’s.

I was the lone women yesterday so after meals, cleaning, vacuuming,  and mopping, I had leg cramps most of the night glad that’s over lol. we are planting 15 fruit trees today and hauling manure. Excited! I told David we have all these girls and only two boys (our grandsons helped too) yet he always manages to get all the help while I get text messages from my girls at work wishing they were here to help. Telling me it won’t be long until cruise time “What’s with that” ? Lol Love my life really I do. Yesterday I was excited to see that with His help I can still work hard. Makes me feel even more satisfied with just being me and being right where I am.    

Full of Him – Full of Me!

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