New Age

Happy Birthday to me,  February 18th 1954.  This is my first birthday without having my Momma here.  She is home with the LORD and though I am happy for her, I miss her terribly.    The beautiful Birthday Breakfast was made for my by my wonderful husband who takes very good care of me.  The screen door I use for my prayer board and recent mail holder from loved ones.  The picture above it shows how it is located by my desk that I am writing on right now.  The picture to the left of  it will be our new garden at our new home when we move from the farm.  The picture below that is a fire close to us but no threat.  Dry weather and unusually warm  days for February have caused several fires in our area recently.

We are so uncertain of our move to the little city close to us only 2 miles away from our little farm.  As we love it here so quiet and beautiful.  We have worked together here raised our second family together here.  It seems like we are leaving behind a good friend.  More then that a gift from our Father, precious undeserving gift from God.  We are constantly asking ourselves is this the right thing to do.  We know that the Lord will give us all we need and having each other where ever we live will bring happiness.  We will just have to move forward in love and trust the LORD that all will be well.   A grateful heart for all His many  provisions now and always.  Change at one time was exciting,  getting old has its in decisions. Blessings and Have a great day thank you for stopping by.


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