No More, No Less

Jesus Style by Gayle D. Erwin


It is hard for me to write on my phone or new Book from dear daughter number 6. I find pen in hand a comforting place.  I want to grow in this area.  But, it is hard the pen is like connected to my very heart.  Ten fingers versus five the war over my hearts thoughts and desires.

This week I have been struggling with Jesus with me,   in me,  very breath I take, out of my control and totally surrendered to His.  I want to grow Co[. 1:10.

Debbie Croft and others here have been writing about this very thing.  Humble, what it is, to the one who was and is Humble.  The I Am we see front and center, face to face with Moses.  A true burning sensation for Him as He has for me.


Everything is pointing to what was original,  the beginning of all things and the ending of all things, wrapped up in a 4 letter word which is before, and after, and will be.   The Word became flesh and lived among us,  this Word was lived for us dripped down red for us, this Word has its very roots and was breathed into each of us.   This Word is alive and gives constantly to our well-being. This Word sings over us and brings Joy in the midst of all things.  This Word leaves no room for  doubt its very core is certain and sure.    This Word is immeasurably contagious and can be sewn into the very fabric of my life and yours.  The Word is LOVE.


New Age

Happy Birthday to me,  February 18th 1954.  This is my first birthday without having my Momma here.  She is home with the LORD and though I am happy for her, I miss her terribly.    The beautiful Birthday Breakfast was made for my by my wonderful husband who takes very good care of me.  The screen door I use for my prayer board and recent mail holder from loved ones.  The picture above it shows how it is located by my desk that I am writing on right now.  The picture to the left of  it will be our new garden at our new home when we move from the farm.  The picture below that is a fire close to us but no threat.  Dry weather and unusually warm  days for February have caused several fires in our area recently.

We are so uncertain of our move to the little city close to us only 2 miles away from our little farm.  As we love it here so quiet and beautiful.  We have worked together here raised our second family together here.  It seems like we are leaving behind a good friend.  More then that a gift from our Father, precious undeserving gift from God.  We are constantly asking ourselves is this the right thing to do.  We know that the Lord will give us all we need and having each other where ever we live will bring happiness.  We will just have to move forward in love and trust the LORD that all will be well.   A grateful heart for all His many  provisions now and always.  Change at one time was exciting,  getting old has its in decisions. Blessings and Have a great day thank you for stopping by.




All day it was pray and write.  We looked at many things in our lives as two old lovers on a journey to down size the work load do.

Diffinitly selling the farm now to dear daughter number 5 and her husband with their 4 children.  Actually swapping houses.  Leaving the farm and moving to town.  Their home is on 4 lots which is very pleasing to me as the chickens can still crow and the gardens can still produce their bounty.   Their home is actually bigger then the farm house here.  So we can still have the big family up/roars around the farm house table.

Thank you Father for giving us each other nothing seems to difficult knowing You are with us.

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Good 4 U

Home made Goat Yogurt frozen in cubes for easy smoothies.   Yum

You can add fresh fruit and honey to the cubes with Kifir and now you have something to write home about.   Added fresh fruit chai seeds with fresh ground flax seeds and then our farm honey 🍯 !  

We also used some whey and made scrambled eggs 😜(no wayLol). Good morning to us.   Prayer time was still the best part!  


Love Being a Gaga

Decided to make cookies and decorate them for the grandchildren for Valentines Day.   Papa and I delivered them this afternoon one day early as we were not sure about the schedule tomorrow.  

Tomorrow is a day every parent hopes will never happen in there family,  court.   Our precious son made some sad choices and now he will have to be separated from us for a while.    We know the Lord is still working out his plan for our dear son so we walk by faith in this situation.  It’s not fun but it is an opportunity to practice James 1:2-4 Counting it all Joy as we seek His Wisdom in our trials.   Knowing the testing will bring about endurance and a perfect work in each of us.  This is our son Matthew.   Please help us by praying he will choose to follow hard after the Lord.


A tea party 

My Grand Daughter Isabella’s Tea Party written by Dear Daughter Number 6 Jonna:


My Isabella is 5. Omgoodness. How so? She was so tiny and now she is 2 sizes above her age. I can’t believe how fast time has gone. Time really is a thief.  She loves sparkles and rubber…

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Save, Give Away, Trash?

It is still way to much stuff and I still have so much more to go. After reading my dear daughters post at Zen and Chaos I feel like opening all those boxes and starting over.  😬

A lot of soul searching going on.  I never thought of myself as greedy and it is a scary thought.  Because greed is the opposite of being grateful or content.  Maybe you are thinking that GREEDY is too strong a word for having to much by either purchase or gift. But after much prayer and scripture reading I Know I have a greed problem called sin in my life.  No matter how I look at it,  it comes down to more about me and less about others.  It takes time to be greedy,  it takes money,  and it takes a one track mind (me, myself, and I.   In reading Romans 12:1-2

Living Sacrifices to God
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Transformed to prove what is good, exceptable, perfect will of God.    Transformed by His Spirit with in me. Giving me ears to hear and the power to yield to it.  No longer about me but about Him.   Asking HIM~

1.  Do YOU want me to have this?

2.  Is this a blessing or a future curse?

3.  Pray 

Help me Father,  teach me Your Way,  help me to walk in it.  Give me a heart that is hungry for being satisfied for those things that are important to You. 

To be continued…….


The Simplicity of it all~Zen&Choas

The Journey  Not to long ago I posted Trunks and Bags. It was a soft post on how life was changing for  our family. The need for downsizing. And trying to live a simpler life.  …

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