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SoaP DaY 1 Eph.



Eph. 1:1-6


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Observation-Blessed is the Man!  Who walks with God!

Application- Choices it is all about them.  Choices to rise above anger, reproach, selfish desires,  and the flesh which burns its desires into our minds and hearts.  Choices FREE something that is totally free!  With Rewards and Blessings,  that is what it is all about!  Making choices that will bring not only happiness now but forever as we make the choice to walk with Him, Pray with Him,  Read His Heart and Learn His Ways!   It’s all about the real life of LOVE and Being Loved by Him,  let Him plant us, let Him water us, Let Him,  Let HIM,   LET HIM!  and HE WILL!

PRAYER–  Dear Father,  today just for this moment and every moment of today I want YOU!  I want to PRAISE YOU,  I want to HONOR YOU,  I want to Be BLESSED!   Grow me up in YOU!   Keep my thoughts Pure,  Keep YOUR Word in my heart,  I want to Choose You today in everything.  Thank you for choosing me.  I Trust You,  not only your Love for me, but your ability to make me into your likeness.  This seems impossible when I look into my fleshly heart, keep my eyes from this place of insecurity and teach me Your Ways of a GRACE filled heart which lives and hungers after YOU!  You are the TREE of LIFE graft me in,  let me prosper in Your living Water and bring forth the FRUIT of the Joy that is You!


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