Long Forward not Back……With One Stroke

I had a stroke January 30, of this year 2015.  It wasn’t until spring fully arrived that I noticed the changes.   Some actually turned out for the better but the better is still evolving with some difficulty at times.TABLET PICS 236

Avid gardener and adventurer,  the endless rains and storms this year have given way to the nastiest garden of my life, stroke or no stroke, and you can’t get to the river except by muck boots, knowing it would take more time then i have, not to mention endurance which has not been my economy as of late.TABLET PICS 042

In saying these things I am trusting there are a few out there that can shake there heads in the proper response of,  “been there”.    Trying as it may be life happens and with that is the revolving door of, which way do I go, what do I think about this,  how far should I push this, does anyone really see me, as I’m so confused?

There is so much quiet space now that the hustle and bustle have been packed away in my droopy mouth, baggy eye, and blankness of not keeping up with conversations.  (For get TV)  with the constant thought , are they talking to fast or am I missing something here?   Sometimes it happens in a family gathering when all of a sudden you realize, yep I am really sitting here and yes this is not a subway station people are actually talking to me.

to be continued