This and That

I have been doing a lot of study

on what foods are really important for us to eat.  I started with Kombucha which I now drink everyday and enjoy very much.  Then it was rye sour dough starter.  I made bread,  English muffins, pancakes, and graham crackers.   Now i have a starter from Alaska from my dear friend Lisa Weikart in Calif.  Tomorrow I will have some more fun.   I now enjoy a few other things to my diet such as pond scum.  At first I was not really sure about this but, everything they say is true I have more energy and feel much better after using it for a month.     

 This is a picture of my Niece Stefanie now McNutly.  She  had a beautiful wedding at the River in Calif.   Marriage suites her she is more beautiful then ever.  She is having Sushi with her youngest Nathan.  It is his first time and he is all smiles.   

 This is my Grandson Christopher Alarcon at his prom with his date Paxson.  It was a wonderful evening I was blessed to be able to be there all night helping with the food.  It was very good my daughter Marybeth and her husband Juan did most of the work preparing the food and getting it ready buffet style.   They work so well together it was fun watching them.  It was decorated beautifully  and by 12 pm we were all done complete with the clean up of the whole Gym.  Amazing team work by everyone there.  The young people was fun to watch and all seemed to have a wonderful good time.

These were so fun to make Pastry Puff and Apples with a little peach jam sprinkled with cinnamon.  So easy and so beautiful.  I had many compliments on them.  

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