Devotion Times

Devotions 2/3/2014

While studying on prayer I became very convicted and yes I do mean convicted, a conviction so sweet and yet so very humbling at the same time that I know my Father was pressing in hard against me.
While reading In Palm 120:6,7 ( verse below ) my heart did a flash back.  Yesterday morning because of some misplaced items from storage in the shop I literally became a monster to my son.  I mean it was all out war I had declared on him. When I should have went to prayer I went into action. Disrupting our precious home with chaos.  My Father called this formless world , chaos before he said let there be light, His Light.  How easy to go to Him for the much needed light in my dark time.  How different our morning would have been.  Then again later in the butcher shop I started off again with a spirit of chaos, loud disruptive, selfish desires right but totally wrong. I WANT PEACE but speak war.  Jesus warns the disciples in Luke 18:1 pray always don’t give up.  I want to change one little two letter word here for my own walk not up but in.  DON’T GIVE IN SEEK ME INSTEAD. God resists the proud, Christie and gives much needed Grace when she is humble. Thank you Father for loving me.     1 Peter5:5,6,7.

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