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Another Day at the Shepherdsfold

Today like many days was busy. BUSY seeing His blessings all around us.  We started with Bible took much longer than we plan (always) .  We shared a lot about Calebs auction benefit and how we were blessed to be there.  Then we were off to cut wood while the bread was rising.  It might seem crazy but I love everything about cutting wood, sounds of the saws, the saw dust flying in your face as you help with the next piece of wood being cut, or the wind swirling around you as you get caught up in its movements.  Oh, so many things just watching my dear butcher working so hard cutting and pulling out trees with his large chains, seeing again the man I married and how very capable he is.  Watching Matthew as this is his first year with his own chain saw cut with all his might.  Both were very careful of Lindajoy and I.  Our men making us feel special.  Matthew and I walked home because we knew the bread was probably all over the counter by now.  On the way home Matthew checked his jugs, no luck today.  We got the bread in and while I helped Sarah cut the fabric for her quilt Matthew and Lindjoy did some Math and Language.  Then it was a very late lunch of Chinese rice and spicy pork chops with applesauce and wonderful oatmeal cookies.  Back to some more school and then we got Matthews guitar ‘re strung .   Then it was time to get the apples I had put on early into jars it made almost 9 quarts. Then it was quiet time for me and my Lord read Matthew 13 love the reminders that He wants us to have ears to hear and then I ponder, am I really listening.  The cares of this world are many I don’t want to miss out on anything Jesus.

The Road to our House Deerwood Ln 

2 thoughts on “Another Day at the Shepherdsfold

  1. Hello Christie,I am finally peeking over here 🙂 What a lovely road to your home. Looks like a nice road to take a stroll on. Did you check out the THM book I mentioned? It really is wonderful. If you have any questions please ask. I am trying to put together a blog post about THM but it's so hard not to make it so looooong. I will keep at it though. Loved visiting here today.~Cinnamon


  2. I miss you, and your blog is closed to me. How are you doing? Would really enjoy getting together this fall. Blessings Christie


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