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An Outing

Matthew 14 and Lindajoy  16

We had a family fun day yesterday what a surprise it was.  We needed paper asap for the butcher shop to work today and the driver the day before had delivered the wrong paper.  He wanted us to meet him in Maryville as there was no one coming out our way again in time for our work day today.  So we decided to take some time and enjoy ourselves.  After meeting the driver for the paper David dropped me off at the library (one of my favorite places) while he took the bows in for adjusting with Lindajoy and Matthew.  I love how they are loving each other more and more each day.  David’s Bible lessons have been so good for us and these special times together have made a difference in the appreciation we have for what the Lord has given to us,  each other.

Me with my new Cowl
I finished my new cowl yesterday and wore it for our outing.  It was made out of very soft wool yarn.  I was very pleased with the pattern very simple.   Here is the link to the free pattern,
Tomorrow I hope to make up our day off with some History and perhaps a little English and then I am hoping to get busy on my new tablet case.  Below is the free pattern link that I am planning on using.  I will try and post tomorrow the results.   Until then may the Lord bless us all!
I almost forgot when we got home we finished up the canning of the apple chutney we had started the day before.  It is amazing the flavor is absolutely perfect I am so excited to share this with all my children at Christmas time.

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