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     We have taken a time out for family so we are not attending Wednesday night service at our church at CCNW (Calvary Chapel Northwest).  Tonight we went fishing at Worth County Lake.  We were the only ones there.  So we had a quite evening of worship with my guitar and our voices joined in praise to our Father in Heaven.  David read the 3rd and 4th of Jonah.  I had not thought about it until this evening 124,000 people excepted the Gift of God that day in Nineveh,  but it didn’t appear at the end of chapter 4 that Jonah had come to the knowledge of God’s Love for him.  How sad I thought to myself.
    We brought home one large cat fish that we will have for breakfast tomorrow. Morning before school begins again.  Our classes today went very well.  History was the main course,  we studied the time period of 1009-1040.  We touched on Leif Ericsson and his sister who was a mass murderer and thief also El Cid, and Macbeth.  Which lead to Shakespeare and poetry of the Middle Ages.  It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed ourselves.  Lindajoy especially enjoys the drawing out of the different subjects on our time lines while Matthew enjoys the maps.  Totally we spent about 4 hours.
    Since we have started doing main courses here plus two other subjects, our time together has become more valuable in my opinion.  For instance today was Wednesday Day, History Day,  the two other subjects added were Language and Math.  Tomorrow is Science Day and  and Math, Reading and Guitar Practice will be added to the Feast.

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