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Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly

Yes!   That is what we did this morning along with home made honey wheat bread and 4 loaves of orange cranberry bread.  Now we are going to have some dinner/ lunch of deer steaks and gravy over rice with green beans and fresh salad.  I almost forgot we iced 48 cupcakes and one large cake for the Harvest Party at our Church tonight.  We won’t be going but it is always fun.
    What a rainy dreary day but inside it is all cozy and warm with the smells of backing.  That is a great picture of our lives when Jesus is first.  It doesn’t matter what is happening on the outside of me His perfect Peace reigns in all weather it just takes a moment to set my heart on Him and life is always sweeter.  Thank LORD for this perfect gift of Your Joy in the midst of this life here.

Devotion Times


Breakfast,  cranberry scones with fried potatoes and eggs started while listening to Fernando Ortega but first things first.  Manna first then food. We are still in Psalms, 18 to be exact, and it is awesome to see my deliverer face to face in my  immortality.  I saw hate the world especially when I can feel it’s tallons sinking into my soul.  Oh how I need to be delivered, a refuge, someone to widen my path so I don’t slip.  The maker of the universe is He that is always faithful to hear my crys, yes He hears my strong tower Hears! SALEH

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Another Day at the Shepherdsfold

Today like many days was busy. BUSY seeing His blessings all around us.  We started with Bible took much longer than we plan (always) .  We shared a lot about Calebs auction benefit and how we were blessed to be there.  Then we were off to cut wood while the bread was rising.  It might seem crazy but I love everything about cutting wood, sounds of the saws, the saw dust flying in your face as you help with the next piece of wood being cut, or the wind swirling around you as you get caught up in its movements.  Oh, so many things just watching my dear butcher working so hard cutting and pulling out trees with his large chains, seeing again the man I married and how very capable he is.  Watching Matthew as this is his first year with his own chain saw cut with all his might.  Both were very careful of Lindajoy and I.  Our men making us feel special.  Matthew and I walked home because we knew the bread was probably all over the counter by now.  On the way home Matthew checked his jugs, no luck today.  We got the bread in and while I helped Sarah cut the fabric for her quilt Matthew and Lindjoy did some Math and Language.  Then it was a very late lunch of Chinese rice and spicy pork chops with applesauce and wonderful oatmeal cookies.  Back to some more school and then we got Matthews guitar ‘re strung .   Then it was time to get the apples I had put on early into jars it made almost 9 quarts. Then it was quiet time for me and my Lord read Matthew 13 love the reminders that He wants us to have ears to hear and then I ponder, am I really listening.  The cares of this world are many I don’t want to miss out on anything Jesus.

The Road to our House Deerwood Ln 

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An Outing

Matthew 14 and Lindajoy  16

We had a family fun day yesterday what a surprise it was.  We needed paper asap for the butcher shop to work today and the driver the day before had delivered the wrong paper.  He wanted us to meet him in Maryville as there was no one coming out our way again in time for our work day today.  So we decided to take some time and enjoy ourselves.  After meeting the driver for the paper David dropped me off at the library (one of my favorite places) while he took the bows in for adjusting with Lindajoy and Matthew.  I love how they are loving each other more and more each day.  David’s Bible lessons have been so good for us and these special times together have made a difference in the appreciation we have for what the Lord has given to us,  each other.

Me with my new Cowl
I finished my new cowl yesterday and wore it for our outing.  It was made out of very soft wool yarn.  I was very pleased with the pattern very simple.   Here is the link to the free pattern,
Tomorrow I hope to make up our day off with some History and perhaps a little English and then I am hoping to get busy on my new tablet case.  Below is the free pattern link that I am planning on using.  I will try and post tomorrow the results.   Until then may the Lord bless us all!
I almost forgot when we got home we finished up the canning of the apple chutney we had started the day before.  It is amazing the flavor is absolutely perfect I am so excited to share this with all my children at Christmas time.

xDevotions with LindamyJoy

LindamyJoy ‘#1

We finally picked our study together “A Young Woman After God’s Heart” by Elizabeth George and its amazing of course.   Our first word to ponder was chaos.  WOW, we notice the world at the beginning was chaos before God spoke,  our lives too are chaos before God breaths life into our bones of flesh but, what is really amazing  is the finally definition of chaos are you ready, anarchy alife void of authority. 

Home of the Shepherdsfold

Time for Straw

On our way to pick up the straw for around the house.  It is shilly and been Ralfin all day off n on. The Chutney was left simmering on the back burner.  If I had been thinkin I coulda left it on the wood stove as it has been doin its job all day for us.  We are hoping to be ready with 6 cords of wood this year.  I am so happy to have this tablet early birthday and Christmas gift from Paul and Sarah it will make postin here a lot more fun,  love you both.
The boer buck with the heart on his back might be moving  to our barn very son.  Our girls are anxious.  Cant wait for spring.