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Acts 9 Goads SELAH

Kicking against the goads,  I am that person sometimes.   Our church family is growing so fast our Sunday School rooms have been enlarged in the last 4 months and are again becoming to small.  Such excitment as the Holy Spirit is being poured out and the WORD of God is being administered to the much needed sin in our lives.  Roman 12 in all the There fores, it is so totally crazy in Love with Jesus everywhere you look.   
But, with all the needs changes are taking place in many shapes and sizes.  Some seem hard (kicking against the goads),  I want the Lord to change my heart be ready to encourage and conform, not be causing dis unity and confusion.  We must be committed to prayer and the reading of the WORD.  Manna by the minute I call it.  
Just another SELAH

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When the Day is Long

When the day is long in the butcher-shop I think to myself you are just being lazy.  I mean I only have to work two days a week.  The rest of the week is can be full of all the other chores I like so well.  Like homeschooling my children,  cooking, sewing, and most of all the gardens.  I need to remind myself often of His Grace which is so wonderful to cover me when I become weak and need to be refreshed.  Thank you Lord for loving me, for giving me such a wonderful husband, and for children that work so hard.   Thank you Father for making me, me.