PhotoForgot some very important news,  Lindajoy excepted Jesus as her Savior at Women of Faith on November 3.  What an amazing time we had together with Alicia, Sheila, and Beka.   God blessed us so much!


How blessed we are by the author, Linda Lacour Hobar.   We just started on our Volume II of Mystery of History:
The Early Church and the Middle Ages.
God’s story just gets better and better and we are enjoying being apart of His story.

Mystery Of History Volume 2 Early Church & The Middle Ages - Find best price

Devotion Times

When you know that the Lord has encouraged you.
 When you know that He has given you more Light..
 When you know that the Word has lifted the darkness…
 When your knees are the only thing holding you up….
 For the Joy in your heart is so heavy…..
 You literally feel like you could fall on your face……
 Then and only then have you experienced the invitation…….
To the Kingdom of the Son of His LOVE.