The Bishop’s Shadow by Ida Treadwell Thurston – Free eBook

The Bishop’s Shadow by Ida Treadwell Thurston – Free eBook

We are reading this book as a family and it is fabulous. You might want to consider as a family time devotional.
I would suggest this book for all ages. Read it yourself first is my suggestion and then you can work on the voices.
AMAZING story!

Theodore Bryan, poor and ragged, sits on the curbstone dejectedly. Homeless and lonely, it seems nobody cared about him. At that lonely moment, a voice above him questions, “Well, my boy, aren’t you coming to church?” It is the voice of the bishop, who from that day forth influences Theo deeply. To him the boy’s heart goes out in reverential love. To be like ” The Bishop” is not easy, but Theo changes his life in remarkable ways. Once a rough street boy who stole and lied, now his desire is to be “The Bishop’s Shadow.” No one can read this book unmoved. Theo’s generosity in carrying bread, soup, or bright flowers into the poor tenement houses is quite challenging. His purpose and perserverance in searching for Jack Finney is surprising. Above all, his resolve to follow in the bishop’s footsteps, and his great longing to behold once more that noble face is truly heart-breaking. This true story of the 1800’s appeals to all ages. You will enjoy reading it again and again.